"The experience with my key was a little different than most. The shim had to be used, in order to remove the key from the ignition. I called Amy and she was very helpful in walking me through the process of making my key work without an issue. An now I have a key that should last the life of my car. Thanks Amy and Key Kast. It sure saved me a lot of money." - John Smith

"Excellent, sturdy product! I had a really broken key and I contacted Key Kast for assistance and we worked together over the phone and through messenger to fix my key. Excellent customer service and excellent product! So happy to have my Pilot key back. Thank you Key Kast!" - Cari Keller

"Great product excellent service love the page keep going." - Johnny Summers

"I'm a skeptical person so when I saw this recently came out I was leary. But it's cheaper then spending 170 dollars for a replacement so I went for it. Needless to say it was worth the 30 dollars for the keykast. Just as the tutorial video shows it slides in nice and easy. It took a little bit of force to get the screws all the way in, but once it's in you are set. Went to my car and tried it out, and it worked great! Only one small thing is with the accord you have to apply a little bit of pressure when pushing the key in to turn the car off, but it will work! So I'd say buy this if you had the same issue. Cheaper then a replacement, and safer then moving the immobilizer chip to a new key. Cheers" - Heath Eisen